Q : Can i Change the template I chose to work with ?

A : Yes , The are several sites to chose form which are fully customizable. We also provide designer scheduling to do the work for you, at your convenience

Q : Can i install my own theme?

A : Yes, we provide the WordPress themes which you can overwrite with your theme or existing WordPress website using a host of wordpress migration plugins available.

Q : Can i install plugins?

A : Yes, you can install any plugin hosted on

Q : Is Wam360 a drag-and-drop website builder?

A : Yes , we have an open source drag and drop website builder which is intuitive and al associated help files.


Q : Do you offer support?

A : Of course! We have a team of experts available via chat around ready to answer your questions and solve any problems that may come along. You can also use the support form in the help section. If you want someone to design you r website for you, we have in-house designers who can be scheduled to work on you r site.

Q : Will you teach me how to make the most of the wam360 platform?

A : Yes! We’re committed to your success. WAM360 has an in-depth knowledge base, tutorial videos and descriptions with buttons that show you how to use each feature.


Q : Do you support languages other than English?

A : We are working on additional languages and will be releasing them soon.

Q : Does SSl come included?

A : Yes , We provide SSL free via Lets Encrypt which is a free certificate initiative by a non – profit to provide basic SSL services

Q : How many sites are included in one WAM360 account?

A : You can add 2 free websites on an account and unlimited paid websites.

Q : What do you get with the WAM360 Platform? What’s included?

A : Don’t be fooled by the simple, friendly interface on WAM360. It based on a robust foundation to deploy and manage your wordpress website.

WAM360 has everything you need to:

  • Establish your authority with SEO friendly websites hosted in cloud

  • Premium security and blazing fast speed.

  • Sell digital products and services easily

  • Create and maintain free or paid websites.

  • Professional custom Email with Zymbra mail ( another open source product )

All that delivered with a simple interface where you’ll have all the power of wordpress.

You won’t be on your own: we’re here to help you every step of the way.



Q : How much does WAM360 cost?

A : Our basic plans starts at $9 with amazing referral discounts

Q : How much does Email cost?

A : Its included with paid plan.

Q : What if I want to leave?

A : We offer month to month membership , so you can leave at any point and migrate your site also for a nominal fee of $50 if you are using one of our templates.


Q : Can I install plugins?

A : Yes, all plugins hosted on can be installed.

Q : Do I need a domain name right away?

A : No, you can get a domain name at a later point whenever you want.

Q : Do you offer support?

A : Yes, we Provide chat and Email support and design support by scheduling for a minimal cost.

Q : Does SSL come included?

A : Yes, but you can get you r own or upgrade also.

Q : How do I migrate from an existing site or host?

A : There are a range of plugins out there to migrate site and domain pointing is simple after that.

Q : How often are backups performed?

A : We back up all websites weekly. Your backup is stored for a month and we can help you restore a backup if any data loss occurs. Additionally, all backups are stored at multiple locations on the AWS to handle hardware failure without losing data. Keeping your content safe is important to us!

Q : Is there telephone support?

A : It is only in a designer capacity, but we will promptly respond to any requests by live chat or Email.

Q : Should I worry about hackers or other malicious users?

A : We use top of the line firewall and round the clock Malware detection.

Q : Will the site be cached or do I need a CDN?

A : Wam360 sites are all hosted on AWS cloud with high speeds and performance. For the vast majority of sites, this will be more than sufficient for very fast load times. We will soon be providing CDN as a add on for all sites.


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